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The STORGY ‘ANNIHILATION RADIATION’ Short Story Competition is open to all.

The Period for Submissions opens on 11th OCTOBER 2019

 1st Prize – £500
2nd Prize – £100
3rd Prize – £50

 Finalists will be published in The ANNIHILATION RADIATION Anthology.

 £10 Entry Fee

 Entry Dates

  • Submissions for the STORGY ANNIHILATION RADIATION Short Story Competition will be accepted from 11th October 2019
  • The deadline for receipt of entries is 11.00pm 1st January 2019


How to Enter
Applicants are encouraged to submit online via Submittable as early as possible before the deadline.

Instructions for Entering 

 1) Complete the submission form as follows:

NAME: Author Name
BIO & DETAILS:  Short biographical statement (including publication history), contact details (email), and links to author websites and/or social media accounts.

2) Enter payment details and select SUBMIT.

3) Wait for your ANNIHILATION RADIATION COMPETITION email to arrive in your inbox.

4) Write your short story.

5) Reply to the ANNIHILATION RADIATION email and attach your short story in accordance with the entry criterion below.

6) Celebrate.


Type and format the short story as per the following instructions:  

Save as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) with the setting of your story (BEFORE/DURING/AFTER) clearly stated in the file name.

  • One entry per author
  • Written in English
  • A maximum of 8,000 words
  • Typed
  • Font: Cambria, 12pt, black
  • Double spaced
  • Front page with title of the story, character name, location, and word count

Please Note
Entries not submitted in accordance with the Entry Instructions and Entry terms and Conditions will not be eligible for consideration.

Entry Terms and Conditions

The Awards
1) All entries will be read by the STORGY Publishing Team and a shortlist of exceptional short stories will be compiled from which a winner and two runners up will be selected.
2) 1st place award is worth £500.
3) 2nd place award is worth £100.
4) 3rd place award is worth £50.

1) The Award is open to all.
2) The story must not contain more than 8,000 words.
3) The entry must be submitted by the author or his/her representative.
4) Only one entry per author permitted.
5) Authors can only enter individually and not as part of a writing team.
6) The story entered must be unpublished.
7) The story submitted must be original, fictional, and entirely the author’s own work.
8) Entries are limited to stories written in English.

Copyright and Terms of Use
By submitting a story for the award the entrant hereby acknowledges and agrees that the winning or any other shortlisted story will be published free of any fees or royalty payments.

The STORGY Short Story Award will be looking for the best new writing and will consider all entries on the basis of quality and originality of prose and narrative voice. The Award aims to support excellence in the short story genre.
Judging of the Award will be as follows:
1) All entries will be read by STORGY contributors against the Award criterion.
2) Shortlisted and winning writers will be contacted personally by email.
3) The voting outcome is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Remember to check STORGY social media accounts for news and updates on ANNIHILATION RADIATION

We look forward to reading your Short Stories and wish you the best of luck for the STORGY - ANNIHILATION RADIATION - Short Story Competition.


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.